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Oct 25, 2017 at 01:13 PM

Which Reporting way is best in s/4 Hana system ?



We have implemented S/4 Hana ERP things for one of our client.

Now these are asking me to develop some interactive operational reports.

For this reason ,

1) what is the best things of embedded BW analytics need to suggest for the client ?
2) If BW traditional reporting suggested means data presenting twice in single system (for example : VBAP & VBRP base table data will be there at the same time 2lis_13_VDITM datasource and followed by infoprovider) .?
3) If Hana Views are suggested means for replication like SLT etc need to maintain seperate system if not heavy load will be there on single system ?

4)How about ABAP CDS Views and Hana CDS views ?

5) they want to connect S/4 Hana with Lumira too ?

Note : They dont want to maintain any other seperate system like BW, SLT server, BO server .

Please help.