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Oct 15, 2016 at 09:11 AM

SVT Production scenario


Dear all

wtih reference to discussion

I ask for yoru support in finding a solution.

Based on last feedback from Ralph:

Hi Christoph,

Just to verify: the FERT material will be increased by 100 kg in SVT. But the tracked PURE_SUB should not be increased. Did you check the increase by material or by PURE_SUB?


This is my story:

1.) in CBRC20 we have a "material" and a

2.) substance view

I have used the maetrial view. So this is the story:

Using a production scenario and using only two materials we have this situaiton:

Material 1 is produced by 2 only. Both are assigned so same REAL_SUB and therefore they have some composition. As we can not exclude the production (using e.,g. production type) the production is analyzed by SVT and calculcation is done. The "Strange" resutl si now. we have a production !

This is the"stupid" example

Material Real_sub TrackSub Avg

A Z X 50

B Z X 50

B is target material and A is source. Now 100 kg of material A is the input and 100 kf of material B is the outptu. From chemical point of view. Not SVT relevant. But thetool add 50 kg of B and B is tracked (with X as component). This is clearly a wrong result.

DO you have similar experience in your system?