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Asset History sheet - Wrong Acquisition Value

Oct 25, 2017 at 10:42 AM


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I am running the Asset History Sheet AR02. When I select the Depreciation Posted check box in Further settings, the acquisition value is one figure. But when the Depreciation posted check box is removed there is a different acquisition value. What is the logic used but the system to calculate the acquisition value.



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2 Answers

Tammy Powlas
Oct 25, 2017 at 12:14 PM

Are you looking at planned or actual depreciation? That could cause different values. Please share version and screen shots

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Hi Tammy,

Let me rephrase the question. For a certain asset class, When I select list assets with actual depreciation (Depreciation Posted), the acquisition value is 893.150,93. When I select group totals for the same selection I am getting different acquisition value 903.401,93. I have attached screen shots for clarity.? The version used is 0004

av1.jpg av2.jpg
av1.jpg (92.1 kB)
av2.jpg (88.6 kB)

Sathesh - 0004 is the default sort version; how about selecting a different sort version?


It is the same for all sort variant and version histories. Only one difference which i noticed is, the Depreciation posted check box selection. When I unselect this check box, the List assets value and the group totals value match. When I select this check box, the list asset value and group totals value do not match.




I am looking at actual depreciation, for the same reporting date. But the totals for "List Assets" setting and "....or group totals" are having different value.

George Lin
Oct 31, 2017 at 06:43 AM

Hi Sathesh

Could you check which APC value is correct?

By the way, what SP is in your system for component SAP_APPL or SAP_FIN?

Best regards


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Hi George,

The APC value when the List assets setting is used is correct. The strange thing happening is

Asset A :AVD =01.09.2017,Posting Date 31.08.2017, TT=100 , First Acquired on Date:01.09.2017, Capitalization Dation:01.09.2017 is not appearing in List asset detail, but appearing in Group Totals. For Asset A - Depreciation has been posted for period 9. Subsequently it was reversed on posting date 15.09.2017 with Asset Value date 01.09.2017.

This asset is not appearing in the list. but the Group Totals value is showing this asset value. Whatever is the logic used by SAP, it should be applicable in both cases.