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PO History details vanished after changes in user id in the release code

Oct 25, 2017 at 07:44 AM


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Dear All,

I changed a user Id to a release code in workflow step in the Release Strategy . After that I find that even the Old released PO's have changed and are displaying the new user Id Name in the Release strategy tab in PO . I also find that the PO History changes have completely vanished . Earlier ,the history information was available. Also , the Environment menu is different between production and Quality.



Kindly help me find a solution.

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Can you explain this sentence "PO History changes have completely vanished" ? Are you talking about the follow on documents (GR/Invoice)?

Also can you confirm that your support patch is same for Prod and QA.

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3 Answers

Dibyendu Patra Oct 25, 2017 at 10:40 AM

Changes in release code will not make any effect in changes log for purchase order. May be somehow changes logs are archived from your system. For changes history, system reads table CDPOS. Check CDPOS table by entering the PO number in field TABKEY (including asterisk e.g. *4502155150*).

Have you checked the system support package for prod and QA ?

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Dear Patra,

Thanks for the reply. There are no entries in CDPOS for PO changes which was not the case before .

I wonder If it is because of the changes in the user ID . The support package is the same . Also , all the old POs also got updated with the new user id for that release code .



It is standard behavior "all the old POs also got updated with the new user id for that release code."

Check with your basis team, is there any archive job run during the session.

PRASOON AK Oct 26, 2017 at 06:28 AM


The release code and agent ID is determined dynamically in release staretgy display in purchasing documents. If you change the release code / agent ID, it will reflect existing documents as well, since its determined dynamically. Please check the note: 1635346 Issues with release strategies in purchase requisitions/purchase orders which explains the standard design and the procedure.

If the change history is not showing, please cheeck whether the previous agent is deleted from user master. Please check the notes:

2488354 - Purchase requisition: Approver name not displayed in Release Strategy tab and 2407710 Approver name blank in Release Strategy tab which explains the system design and the alternate options.



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Dear Prasoon,

thanks for the reply . Will look into those notes and come back .


Jürgen L
Nov 04, 2017 at 09:37 PM

Your QA and PRD are probably on different releases. Can you please post a screenshot from the status (in the system menu of the purchase order) from both QA and PRD . The appearance of the menu has usually nothing to do with a changed a user Id, except someone defined a screen variant.

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