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Alternative SMS Provider for Hybris Marketing On Premise

Hi everyone,

We are looking to integrate AWS SNS for SMS sending into Hybris Marketing On Premise (1709). I know SAP is currently supporting only SAP Notification 365 out of the box. But our client is committed to AWS.

My question would be if anyone had experienced an integration scenario with an alternative SMS provider (like AWS) into Hybris Marketing.

Also, what's SAPs recommendation to approach such an integration? Are there any guides or best practices? Currently, it appears that there are no BAdIs or customization to foresee such an extension.

Thanks for your input,


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  • Hi Christopher,

    It has been some time, but I find the same concern that you raise about using an external provider to send sms. I understand that you were answered with the option of an adapter, how was this process of creating the adapter and what were the results?


3 Answers

  • Posted on Oct 27, 2017 at 07:07 AM

    Hi Christopher,

    actually I do not know of an actual example. As far as the implementation approach is concerned it follows

    pretty much the way you'd go as for custom ESP (according to the experts). This would be described here:



    Hope this helps.



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  • Posted on Oct 15, 2018 at 02:31 PM

    Hi Christopher Günther

    Were you able to do this? I am working on Onpremise 1709 SP01 and need to set up SMS integration with Amazon service provider.

    Did you need PI to achieve this? I'd be happy if you could share what you did.

    Best regards,

    Luis Paulino.

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  • Posted on Mar 21, 2019 at 07:34 AM

    Hi Oriana,

    to use aws sns for text message sending we did some own implementations. I'll try to explain the needed steps on a short track.

    1. Configure the aws sns certificate in trust manager (Transaction: STRUST)
    2. Create and store the access / secret key given by amazon in FIORI APP "Provider Credentials" for Amazon SES

    3. Customize the pre-arranged http RFC connection and your new adapter class under SPRO-->SAP Hybris Marketing-->Campaigns-->Campaign-->Define Provider Configuration

    4. Create the class ZCL_CUAN_MKT_EXEC_AWS_SNS which is inheriting from class CL_CUAN_MKT_EXEC_SMS, download the code here and put them into corresponding methods.

    5. The API reference for service "Publish" can be found here.

    In those days we did the implementation with yMkt 1709 SP01 and it has worked fine as Christopher already mentioned.



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    • Hi Frank,

      Thanks for sharing the information, I have an additional question: Under the scenario you raise, how do I configure SMS interactions (opened, delivered, bounces) should I make any changes to the adapter class? I am currently using a standard adapter class.

      I´m implementing the 1809 On premise version.