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Issue - Messages in To be delivered status...

Hi guys.

We are facing a problem in our live system. Almost every day, between 13:00 and 15:00 Uk the messages are set as "To be delivered status". These messages last in this status around 1 hour wich is causing delays in the deliveries of these messages.

We think that this could be caused by a performance issue in our system but the Basis team can not find any problem, the CPU is around 90% idle and the OS it's ok.

Do you know what could be the root cause of this problem? What can be causing these messages to be "To be delivered" status?

This is affecting to some interfaces, not only one and the delay varies.

Thanks in advance.


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4 Answers

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    Dec 18, 2007 at 09:33 AM

    Message to be delivered means that the message is sitting in the queue waiting to be processed.

    In most situations, when this happens and stays there for a long time is because 1st message is the queue is being held up by an error.

    What you can do is in SXI_MONITOR, scroll to the left until you see the queue name. Double-click on the queue name, which will take you to the queue where the message resides. You should see the number of messages in the queue and the status of the 1st message. You can restart the error message or delete it

    Try to use deactivating queues using SMQ1 & SMQ2 and then register it using SXMB_ADM --> Manage queues.

    if after doing this problem is not resolved then try to restart your Server.

    Hope this will solve your problem.

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  • Dec 18, 2007 at 09:35 AM

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  • Dec 18, 2007 at 09:35 AM


    TO BE Delivered means sent sucessfully from the IS point of view might be got stcuk in the Queue check it using smq1 and smq2.

    check the queues run the CPA cache.

    Go to SXMB_MONI and check if there are any redflags. If yes then select all of those and click on the button to the right of RESTART button which actually 'Cancels Processing of all Messages with Error'. After that refresh sxmb_moni a couple of times and check.

    If you dont have any message in MONI, that are scheduled or Scheduled for outbound processing status, then do these steps in RWB,

    1) select a message in TBD status and Hit "Resend". check if this message makes it thru fine. (If you are worried about the sequence of the message, then resend the last message - in the sense, the message that came in first to the adapter engine)

    2) if first step is success. then select Multiple Selection On, >select All messages>resend

    3) check from the time stamp, if there are any more messages that you wanted to resend, in TBD status

    Check this blog also.


    Hope this will help you.


    Aashish Sinha

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    Dec 18, 2007 at 12:48 PM

    First of all, thanks for your helpfull answers and sorry for the lack of information.

    I forgot to say that, when we have faced this problem, the first thing that we have done has been to check SMQ1 and SMQ2 transactions. There were not any queue.

    Also, these messages are finally delivered with a successfull status so it seems that this is not caused for an error in a previous message.

    Hope this clarifies the issue.

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      For status "to be delivered" previous message is in error is not necessary, neither you can reprocess these messages.

      If this is recurring problem then I suggest to check availability of target system (if it is JMS or queue system) and your retrying mechanism for messages.

      If it is happening for all interface then I suggest to raise call to SAP as it is abnormal behaviour, such scenario possible for

      1. JMS receiver and

      2. if someone do sudden shutdown of receiver system/J2ee while message is in "to be delivered" status.

      It is more likely that you are dealing with scenario 2 as it is happening frequently




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