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Dec 18, 2007 at 08:09 AM

MDM 2.0 - OCI mapping of field "Price Information"



we are on SRM 5.0.

we are setting up MDM 2.0. We do a new installation, although we were already on MDM 1.0. Anyway, we want to keep the repository from MDM 1.0.

Right now we have problems transferring the price of shopping cart positions from the MDM Web Search UI to EBP.

what we did so far:

1. set up j2ee server and oracle

2. set up MDM 2.0 Server

3. Deploy MDM 2.0 SP 2.0 Java API and UI stuff to j2ee

4. set MDM 1.0 Repository in the appropriate place in the file system of MDM Server and unarchived it in the MDM console

5. run repository upgrade using link from upgrade guide (http:// :50000/webdynpro/dispatcher/ mdmsrmcat~uiutil/Utilities)

6. upgrade configuration (same link as before, but step 2)

still, in the OCI Mapping for price, I still have "price - amount" mapped on NEW_ITEM-PRICE

and still, the price, which I can see in the search UI, is not being transferred to EBP...

I am not sure, if I have to have "Price Information - amount" available as OCI mapping field. Right now, this is NOT the case. In MDM 1.0 it used to work fine with "Price - amount"

In my repository in table cataloge items I have the field "Price Information" which is a qualified lookup table, based on look up table "Price". "Price" contains the field amount, which carries the price value.

any clues welcome - regards, Matthias

Edited by: Matthias Kasig on Dec 20, 2007 4:25 PM