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SAP multi sourcing with Single part number impacting SAP Plng,Production

Nov 01, 2016 at 08:15 PM


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Hi Friends

The below Business scenario seems to be quite challenging and need your expert opinion in solving this issue

Finished product FERT1 has Raw Material RAW1 in the Bill of Material.

RAW1 can be procured from 3 Suppliers with same Material Number and stored in Inventory with SAP internal Batch Numbers.

Finished product FERT2 also has Raw Material RAW1 in the Bill of Material but during Production order execution only RAW1 supplied from Supplier1 needs to be consumed automatically.

The RAW1 will be consumed in Process order based on Batch Shelf Life Expiry date.


1. How the demand/forecast of RAW1 will be calculated and distributed to the 3 suppliers as RAW1 will be maintained as single material in inventory.

2. How to automatically activate the functionality for the FERT2 to consume only RAW1 supplied by specific supplier (ex- Supplier 1). (BOM Alternative item concept will not be used by Client as planning happens outside SAP)

3.If the RAW1 in consumed continuously by FERT1 demand then how to ensure that the stock of RAW1 supplied by Supplier 1 is available for FERT2 if there is a sudden demand for FERT2.

4. If Batch determination can be used how the functionality can be used to address the 3rd Query.

5.How to manage the traceability of RAW1 material and track from which supplier it is delivered..



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2 Answers

Ritesh Dube Nov 04, 2016 at 08:43 AM

Ram Kumar,

If FERT1 have constraint to use only RAW1 supplied by only supplier 1 it means there are differences in material specification, and it need a different identification , simplest solution could be use another material number.



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jayadeep uppalapati Nov 08, 2016 at 06:51 AM

HI Ram,

In Material you can create class and characteristic based on vendor. Class will be and named as vendor and characteristic's will three different vendors vendor1, vendor2, vendor3.

Create a Class in CL01

Create Characteristics in CT04

Assign class and characteristics in MM02

While Purchasing the goods select class and characteristics.

Thanks & Regards,

Uppalapati Jayadeep

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