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Former Member
Dec 18, 2007 at 03:10 AM

Error when trying to extend custom idoc


Hi ladies and gentlemen,

I am experiencing problems when I try to extand a custom idoc segment.

I created a custom idoc (ZBEVINBDEL) with 3 segments, generated it and have tested it successfully. Now the users have come back and requested additional fields. When I tried to modify the custom segment (after cancelling the segment and idoc status' from released status, I got the message 'Segment type Zxxxxx.. cannot be changed' (this is because the idoc segment type has been flagged as generated).

So I thought I'll create an extension to the corresponding segment. I've created the extension segment in WE31, but when I try to create the extension (ZBEVINBDELX02), and try to create as new to the linked type ZBEVINBDEL, I get another error message 'Action is not possible for generated idoctypes'.

Has anybody experienced this problem before, and could you give me an explanation on how to get around these problems, either for changing the segment or extending one. If the answer lies within BDBG, please explain in detail.