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VA01 error 00 671 Update was terminated. Runtime error RAISE_EXCEPTION

Oct 23, 2017 at 05:00 PM


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Hi experts,

I have been dubugging on VA01 since a couple of days ago, because the client is trying to create sales order type ZG02 (DM Domestic Order) including 4000 as Payment terms, everything looks fine until saving the document, then a Express message is shown and the content says a short dump occurs and the process was unsuccessfully finished, unles a new document number is displayed.

Then I went to SM13 and and red item is put it over the Module RV_MESSAGE_UPDATE, but I'm still not able to find the root cause for this cancellation. If I active the debug mode on the express message this not work to find the cause, and this message arises after the first COMMIT WORK is find when debugging.

Do you have any idea or suggestion about what I can do to find the reason for the short dump?

This the ST22 content for the short dump:

Category ABAP Programming Error



Application Component SD-BF-TP

Date and Time 23.10.2017 11:28:29

Short Text

Exception condition "TERMS_OF_PAYMENT_NOT_IN_T052" triggered

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Thanks everybody for all the answers.

At this moment the issue is still happening, but I'd like to know if any ABAPer could help me to know where the express message is generated. I thinks this this is the key point to solve this situation.

The SD consultant is now checking all configuration for the SO type, but he insists that everything is right on his side.


Not an ABAPer here, but did you check if there are any outputs that could be determined and processed when you save the order?

Your functional consultant can easily check this or you can do it yourself via Extras->Output menu (check for both header and item).

If there is any output with immediate processing at save (4) - change it to (3) or remove the condition record for test purposes and try saving the order.

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2 Answers

Jürgen L
Oct 23, 2017 at 05:27 PM

The message clearly indicates that your payment term is not in table T052

Is this message true or untrue? Did you already check with SE16N if you find this 4000 in as payment term in t052 table?

If the message is true then I would recommend to check the change history in payment term customizing to find out who deleted it.

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Hi Jürgen L,

Thanks for your response, but guess what? The Payment term is already in T052!! The FICO functional has checked over and over again and it is there.

I'm an ABAPer so I'm trying to find why although the Payment term is there, the express message is sent. It is a crazy thing.

I also suggest to enter the payment term in T052S, but for this PT it shouldn't be an split for payments.

Orlando Abel Ramos

is the payment term valid for customers or vendors or both? What is the value in field T052-KOART?


Payment term is only valid for Customer (value un T052-KOART = "D")

Orlando Abel Ramos

that would be good. As you are a developer you should now debug the function module SD_PRINT_TERMS_OF_PAYMENT

Maybe the translation is missing in T052U

Tammy Powlas
Oct 23, 2017 at 05:13 PM

"Z" is a custom order type; I would ask whoever configured this to check the configuration for it.

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