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Sales order quantity not visible in va02/va03

Oct 23, 2017 at 02:09 PM


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Does anybody know why there are starts * instead of quantity in sales orders when executing VA02/VA03?


Please let me know where can I deactivate that and have quantity given when order created.

Thank you, regads,

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2 Answers

Veselina Peykova
Oct 24, 2017 at 12:15 PM

If you are a business user, I would strongly recommend that you reach out to your local support department, because it will make investigation a lot easier.

However, if you wish to help them out to narrow down the problem faster - here are a few things that they will probably ask you:

* does this happen just for you or also for everybody else in the office;

* does this occur only for certain document types;

* if you log on via a different PC - do you experience the same problem, what happens if you ask a colleague to log on from your PC - does he/she see asterisks too;

* does it make any difference when you use SAPGUI for Windows or SAPGUI for HTML;

* does this happen only for VA* transactions or also for VK13, VF03, MIGO (display MM document), FB03;

* do you see asterisks for quantity also in other screens in VA03 - for example item detail, schedule lines.

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My money would be on someone modifying the field to hide the quantity based on the authorization or something. This looks like a "protected" field, same type that is used for passwords or other private information in SAP GUI. I agree, OP should reach to local support team with this.


Yes, quite possible... and not a very well implemented feature, because the OP mentions that the quantities reappear after pressing Enter :)

G Lakshmipathi
Oct 24, 2017 at 11:43 AM

With the screen shot you shared, it would not be possible to provide a solution. You also have to explain whether this issue is only for those materials or for all. Also the Unit of Measurement for the first material is not clear. If it is a BOM scenario, ensure the sales BOM is maintained with required quantity

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Former Member


This issue occurs for all material types, all sales order types and all users.
OPA is our local translation of "package".
BOM is maintained with required quantity.
This occurs only in va02 (quantity = asterisks) and va03 (quantity=empty). Any action (for example Enter) brings correct quantities back.

If I understant your hints correctly, I should look for the solution in material settings? Any additional advise where exactly?




As pointed out in Veselina's answer, best thing would be to reach your local SAP support team. They should have all the tools and knowledge to troubleshoot and explain this much easier and faster than SCN members.

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Jelena Perfiljeva

The thing is that nobody knows what is the reason, this is why I asked here if anybody had similar problem. Even simple debugging shows that quantity is there from the very begining (before mentioned Enter).


Lukasz, what is your role ?

Are you a sales person or abaper (or even doing a helpdesk duties) ?

Are you following a process ?

Former Member
Oleg K

I'm a functional consultant so I know the process, but this is the first time I see such thing on sales orders. I have a defect raised on that and need to solve it.


I seriously doubt it's a functional issue. You need to get an ABAPer involved.

Also you could use transaction ANST to search for relevant SAP notes (in case it's some odd bug) and to check if there are any customizations. But you might need an ABAPer for that too because it can get too technical very fast.