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Oct 15, 2016 at 02:05 AM

Odd options in the Comment display


So I was able to find where we can see all the comments made but there are some very odd options available. This is the source link for the screenshot (I'm guessing it'd take everyone to the same screen for their comments):


1. What are "Pings"? We used to call the @-mentions "pings" but as far as I understand this feature is no longer available.

2. What is "Unapprove" for? And why would I click "Spam" on my own comment? These options seem to be appropriate for the moderators but I'm not one.

3. Also previously I believe it was not possible to delete at least some comments after someone replied to them. Now if I start trashing my comments wouldn't it make the respective threads very confusing? I've already seen some replies that seem to be addressed to the comments no longer in existence and it looks bizarre.


image.jpg (55.3 kB)