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Former Member
Dec 15, 2007 at 10:12 PM

SQLException Error in JDI?


Hi JDI/NWDI experts,

I am struggling with SQLException Error. I have written a WebDynpro program and added 'sqljdbc.jar' in library folder. Then WebDynpro project is working well.

But when copied the 'src' folder to another Webdynpro Component, The application is failing. I have tried many way but no success. I have created External DC and added as Used DC. I feel the sqljdbc.jar file is is missing.

I am not creating any Data Source in VA or Visula Composure.

Has any one used SQL Server 2005 driber -'sqljdbc.jar' before?.Can you help?.

I appreciate if any one can help me with complete steps. I appreciate your help and promise to award points.

Thank you in advance


Maruti CR