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Dec 15, 2007 at 12:30 PM

Steps for CHARM configuration



I have to configure CHARM on Solution Manager box for testing purpose. It is a single system landscape. If this is sucessful, later we will be configuring CHARM on (Dev, QA and Prod).

Based on the above, I have the following questions.

1- Is it possible to configure CHARM only, on a one system landscape i.e. (the sandbox system)?

If it can be done, please advice what are the steps required to configure CHARM on a single system landscape (Sandbox system)?

2- I am aware that most configuration of CHARM is done in SPRO. Is there any other place, where additional configuration is required?

3- What are the pre-reqs to be performed before a CHARM configuration?

4- Do I need to create a new project, users, roles, RFCs in Solman for CHARM or I can use an existing project?

5- Are there any docs / URLs / notes on CHARM configuration?

If so, can anyone email me those docs at

6- Can anyone list the basis steps required for CHARM configuration on single system landscape?

7- Are there any specific tcodes used for CHARM configuration?

8- Are there any roles, authorizations, auth objects etc to be given to a CHARM configurator and a end-user who will be using the CHARM functionality to perform the transports?

9- Once CHARM is configured, how do I check, whether this configuration has been successfully completed on my sandbox instance?

10- Are there any SAP provided OSS Notes related to possible errors, best practices, suggestions related to CHARM configuration?

Points to be rewarded for any kind of small help.

Thanks a bunch in advance.