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Steps for CHARM configuration


I have to configure CHARM on Solution Manager box for testing purpose. It is a single system landscape. If this is sucessful, later we will be configuring CHARM on (Dev, QA and Prod).

Based on the above, I have the following questions.

1- Is it possible to configure CHARM only, on a one system landscape i.e. (the sandbox system)?

If it can be done, please advice what are the steps required to configure CHARM on a single system landscape (Sandbox system)?

2- I am aware that most configuration of CHARM is done in SPRO. Is there any other place, where additional configuration is required?

3- What are the pre-reqs to be performed before a CHARM configuration?

4- Do I need to create a new project, users, roles, RFCs in Solman for CHARM or I can use an existing project?

5- Are there any docs / URLs / notes on CHARM configuration?

If so, can anyone email me those docs at

6- Can anyone list the basis steps required for CHARM configuration on single system landscape?

7- Are there any specific tcodes used for CHARM configuration?

8- Are there any roles, authorizations, auth objects etc to be given to a CHARM configurator and a end-user who will be using the CHARM functionality to perform the transports?

9- Once CHARM is configured, how do I check, whether this configuration has been successfully completed on my sandbox instance?

10- Are there any SAP provided OSS Notes related to possible errors, best practices, suggestions related to CHARM configuration?

Points to be rewarded for any kind of small help.

Thanks a bunch in advance.

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4 Answers

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    Dec 15, 2007 at 06:20 PM

    Follow the IMG/SPRO. It will point you to notes that you need, point you to prerequisite informations and point you to the steps/roles that need to be generated.



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    Dec 28, 2007 at 11:13 AM


    I am in a very similar situation! I am configuring ChaRM in a stand alone playpen to prototype it.

    What release / patch level are you on?

    I have only managed to find user guides for SP8 but we are on version 4.0 SP12.

    From what I have experienced, you will need to have a number of things set up to ensure a proper test such as:

    A Solution Manager Project.

    A Solution Landscape.

    A valid test system landscape system.

    All of the relevant connections to the test system including transport routes etc.

    There are standard roles available. I suggest you search for them under the following search terms -

    SOCM and S_MAN.

    They will have a number of the standard transactions asociated with ChaRM. Also be aware of the following transaction /TMWFLOW/CMSCONF as this appears to be the central config transaction for the technical integration side of things (not that I can get it to work).

    Any further assistance that you guys can give would also help me greatly!



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      I have copied the SDCR Business transaction and that seems to be working ok! (I have also copied and assigned the correct underlying settings like headers and status schemas etc.)

      How to I enable the DSWP / Solution Manager Operations screen to access my new custom Business Transaction rather than the old standard SDCR transaction?

      At the moment, the only way I can create and monitor Changes is via the old CRM transactions - CRMD_ORDER etc.

      Please point me in the direction of the correct config settings (if they exist!)

      Thanks, Simon

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    Mar 05, 2008 at 04:16 AM

    Hi Abdul,

    If you haven't already, you should read ChaRM SAP Note 907768 - "General note for Change Request Management 4.0" and its "Related Notes". You might also search for SAP Notes in component area "SV-SMG-CM" for Product Version ST 400 and then you can sort on "Last Changed On" to see which Notes have been changed recently and you can also drill into the Notes thru the category selection lists to the left of the Notes list (ie drill into "High" priority Notes).

    Also, go to, then click on the "Media Library" link on the left side, then click on the "Technical Papers" link, then you can open the document titled "How to Set Up and Use CTS/ChaRM Solution Manager 4.0 SP12".

    Also, there are E-learning maps in the Service Marketplace at --> Solution Manager Manager 4.0 --> Customer's Support Organization. You will find here Learning Map presentations and SAP Tutors for ChaRM. There are over 7 hours worth of Learning Map presentations there.

    Per SAP Solution Mgr instructor: "For setting up Charm, the steps are in transaction SPRO. I would recommend updating SolMan to SP 13. Then, assuming that all the basic configuration in SolMan is done, you will need to do the following config for Charm: In SPRO, under the Change Request Management (CRM) area, complete config areas found under the TMS and CRM sections.

    Lastly, go to, go to the top right and type "charm" in the Search field. You will see some good information come back, such as a Feb 27th 2008 WebEx presentation called "ASUG Solution Manager Webcast: ChaRMing (Change Request Management) Your SAP Solutions" where you can download recorded presentation and the chat comments. The presentation was provided by the ASUG Solution Manager "Community of Interest".

    I hope this helps.

    Jim Cleek

    EDS / SAP Basis Support

    US-EAS-EAM SAP Operations

    Rolls-Royce Aerospace, Indianapolis, Indiana

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    Sep 10, 2009 at 05:15 AM

    Hi Jim Cleek

    I am also checking the same kind of document, but i am unable to find now. if you have can you please forward me. it will be greater help to me.

    Thanks & Regards


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    • Former Member Former Member

      Thank you Mohammed.

      I will use that. Other than this, but do you know are there any specific IMG configs like in service desk (with CRM transaction types), if so, is there any documentation that you can provide? I mean, if the service desk employee thinks that a change request has to be created, it is forwarded to change manager. What is the configuration surrounding that (just like SLFI...for service desk)? Appreciate your help.