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SAP Disclosure Management Workflow Job

Oct 26, 2017 at 07:45 AM


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in a workflow, I have 5 users with edit function. not necessarily all of them need to include information in the document. fact is that the document only goes to review when they all release the document. is it possible to allow the independence of the shares? even if I have 5 users with editing permission, if only one edit is done with me to cause the stream to be forwarded for review?


Robinson lambert

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2 Answers

Marc Kuipers
Oct 26, 2017 at 02:28 PM

Hello Robinson

I am not sure I clearly understand your question.

Let's take the workflow "four-eye-principle" (standard delivered) with DM

These are the steps

For example, to get the report from Finished to Approved, a user who has the Standard Manager role can perform this step.

If you have 3 users who have this role, any of these users can do so (not all 3 are required to do so).

Is that what you don't want (i.e. you want all 3 to approve) ?


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Hello Marc!! tks for helping

Today in my scenario, I have several users with Editor functions. everyone can feed the report but not necessarily need it. What happens today is: the workflow does not go to the next step until there is a single editor who has not yet released the document. I hope I have managed to express my doubts.



No, sorry - I am still unclear.

Can you give a concrete example:


report X has chapter 1 and chapter 2

Workflow is started, so all chapters are "in progress"

Editors can add content and then complete the chapter, setting the workflow to 'finished"

Finished chapters can then be approved by a manager

What exactly do you want?

That nobody completes for example chapter 2, but the workflow still goes to "finished". It's like skipping a step in the workflow ?


Former Member

almost that. example report 1 Chapter 1 Editor1 Editor2 Editor3. Only editor1 has updates to be made in the chapters. In this case editors 2 and 3 need to release the chapters so that the flow goes on. my intention is that there is no such dependency

Marc Kuipers
Oct 27, 2017 at 07:30 PM


There should be no such dependency.

Here is an example

I have 2 users, both have the same role (Standard-Editor)

I have a report, with 2 chapters, using the "four-eye" workflow

User 1, set the flow "in process" edits the chapter and checks it in.

Now, the user "completes" the work-flow

As you can see in the history, this all worked fine. User2 does not need to do anything on this chapter

Are you getting a different result? Is your workflow blocked, until user2 (and user3) does something on this report/chapter?


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