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Dec 14, 2007 at 03:20 PM

XI file sender: filename validation to stop processing a file twice


Hello folks,

I have a file sender adapter for a text file with name convention that includes a date - e.g. orders_YYYYMMDD.txt. We have a business requirement to ensure that we don't post the same file more than once. The file can be huge, so it's not really an option to pick up the file contents in one message.

Options I have tried:

- I do not know of a setting in the file adapter to achieve this.

- write a perl script to read the filename and translate [hex-encode] this into a Message GUID, then post the file via HTTP adapter

- - if the file name is not too long (guid is 32 hex chars) this method works well for small files that are in XML format.

- - Text files need too much perl coding to translate to XML. Large files that need to be split will fail on the 2nd chunk.

Options I don't want to use:

- Use BPM to call an RFC/Proxy that validates the filename - this will cause me to read the whole file, or I have to implement a 'pipe' in BPM to ensure EOIO processing. (We have this elsewhere, but it's not good for performance)

- Actually, I don't want to manage this in ABAP/Ztables at all if possible.

I am about to start work on a Module Processor to mangle the GIUD in the file adapter, similar to the HTTP method above (don't have any idea of whether this will be possible yet)...

Can anyone recommend another method to achieve this?