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What happened to PlanViz

Oct 24, 2017 at 10:29 PM


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Curious if anyone - particularly from SAP, like Lars Breddemann - is familiar with the new PlanViz operators in HANA 2.0 onwards?

Most of my recent projects have been on HANA 1.12, but when recently prototyping something on HANA Express Edition - I found a completely different set of operators when trying to run PlanViz on a simple star join Calc View.

Here is some test SQL, a screenshot of the operators I came across, and system details for what I'm running this on.

-- Run PlanViz on following query

operators.png (16.3 kB)
system-deets.png (42.1 kB)
system-deets.png (42.1 kB)
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Lars Breddemann
Oct 25, 2017 at 04:46 AM

Hi Jody

good work on posting this question including all relevant information from the get-go.

If there would be a >>everyone look here - this is how it should look like<< option, I'd use it for this question :)

To provide an answer: with HANA 2 a new query plan generation and execution framework has been introduced to HANA (HEX - HANA EXECUTION ENGINE). The goal for this is to enable the overarching query planning and optimisation across the different execution engines (and several other important features).

Since this change in HANA is not part of the outbound functionality (i.e. correct queries should continue to execute successfully regardless HEX usage or not), it is not covered in the documentation on HANA functionality (at least, that's my understanding for the reason behind this).

Beyond that, I would not expect to see the HEX plans to be used for all queries immediately, but rather a progression towards the new engine for more and more scenarios.

Hope, it helps a bit to know that PlanViz is not broken :-)



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Many thanks Lars Breddemann! Appreciate it.

That certainly helps give context. Now I eagerly await documentation on how to properly read new VizPlan details.

Previously - the distinction between engines (i.e. the prefixed of plan operators such as ce, bw, je, etc) as well as the operators themselves (i.e. ParallelAggregation) would give some good insight into what's happening - and thus also how to improve it.

The operators listed above - are basically gibberish to me at this point. :)


Just came across this question again and by now there is SAP note 2570371 - FAQ: SAP HANA Execution Engine (HEX) available to provide some answers.