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Badi for IW32?

Oct 24, 2017 at 07:54 PM


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Hi friends,

there is a new compatible units that are getting activated in the system, I need information regarding one BADI Implementation, Once I come to IW32 and enter the work order number I see the tabs of data, which operation tab holds that data that is the single line item extracted from /C* U*M/CU01N .(the stars are kept so SDN allow me to post this) CU01N we have list of Operations starting from 0010 to 0050..LIKE 5 line items, but I see only one line item being copied( the first one).. Iits missing the rest, Have you come across this scenario? how did you over come? Let me know, thanks.

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You've Cross-Posted this Question a lot of times ...

... I would suggest keeping your Question 'centered' rather than Spreading it out on a wide Spectrum of Tags / People ...


Request to delete this thread, this is of no use, no one replying though except you :) thanks!!



Well then the easiest would be for you to Close the Question ...


Nic T.

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