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UAR workflow requests getting aborted in GRC

Hello All,

We are on GRC 10.1 and have configured UAR functionality. Most of the requests getting generated no issues but some of them after workflow is completed instead of decision pending status go into aborted status. Not able to view audit logs, or go into admin mode for these requests also debug logs not very helpful. We ran a few more batches and looks like 1-2 UAR requests from each batch getting aborted and rest completed fine. It is not happening for any particular user or set of roles or role owners just randomly. Any one encountered this issue before?????

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  • Hi Pooja,

    Can you share some screenshots as well as audit log and SLG1 logs and if possible debug logs so that atleast we can see the error or issue details and can suggest if i have come across such issue before.



  • Hello Madhu,

    1.png 2.png

    1. No info available in debug and audit logs for aborted requests. Logs available for completed requests

    2. from SLG1 logs see attached error. Tried running GRAC_UAR_REQUEST_GEN from backend with less than 300 roles at one time. Works well for single and composite roles but if "generate UAR for business role" option selected does not work randomly for some requests. Total no of roles considered in business roles but still getting aborted for business role.

    3. How does ""generate UAR for business role" work? does it consider business role only if original assignment to user was theough a business role? OR does it search for closest match of business role possible based on what roles user has in his profile? What if a single role is part of multiple business roles?

    4. How to change 300 role limit?? Because it is difficult to break requests counting 300 roles at one time, much easier to run it wide open for roles. Checked note 1719101 - "Submission of more than ##### line-items not allowed: Limitation to number of roles per request" but "Mx. Li per request" in maintain process global settings is 0. Note not useful. Any easier solution than making changes at ABAP code level?

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1 Answer

  • Oct 27, 2017 at 09:12 PM

    Dear Pooja,

    simply set parameter 2008 to a lower value. I always recommend 100. If 100 is reached, the request will be split.

    Hope that solves your problem.

    Cheers, Alessandro

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