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Oct 24, 2017 at 02:02 PM

High availability for Plant Connector instance


Hello Experts,

As per plant connectivity 15.1 operation guide, HA of PCo can be enabled with below high-level steps.

But I need some clarification on point 3). I am not sure if we need to create Agent Instance service manually using SC command in windows and not able to find a configuration of the agent where i can update Host name of the cluster group.

1) Data sources have to be installed on each node of the failover cluster as a prerequisite, for example, OPC Core Redistributables,PI SDK,Proficy SDK, or other components have to be installed or deployed in advance.

2) Plant Connectivity has to be installed on each node of the cluster.

3) Agent instances have to be created as services on one node of the cluster. It is important to use only the host name of the group (Windows Server 2008) or the role (Windows Server 2012) in case the host name has to be specified in the configuration of the agent, for example, in the endpoint of the Management Host.

4) The complete configuration of the agent instances has to be exported from the definition node and deployed (imported) to the other nodes of the failover cluster. Resources that are not created automatically, like the folders for simulation destinations, have to be created manually. For agent instances, that are using assemblies (DLL) for enhanced notification processing or enhanced method processing, the pertaining assembly has to be distributed manually, too.

5) In the last step, the agent service and the Management Host service have to be assigned to a generic service in the Failover Cluster Manager