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Dec 14, 2007 at 09:59 AM

TREX content search MSG (msoutlook)


Hi all,

I have a problem with content search of MSG files...

TXT, HTML, PDF, XLS, DOC, PPT... all is working, but MSG do not.

I added into TREXValidMimeTypes.ini row with application/msoutlook and (just to be sure) application/

Into TREXMimeTypeMapping.ini I try row




In portal (SysAdm > SysConf > KM > CM > Utilities > MIME Types) I have this settings:

Name "msg"

Default Extension ""

Extension "msg"

Locale ""

MIME Type "application/" (I tested application/msoutlook too)

Resource Bundle File ""

Resource Key ""

all my tests (every time after reindex and restart TREX) were with the same result - index is without any error, name of the files are indexed, but... content of file not.

When I search "msg", search result is for example:

RE PARka.msg Open Folder | See Also | Details

55% No document excerpt available

tomasv 19,5 KB 8/31/07 3:31:09 PM

In document is MSG, so where can be a problem???

Thank you for your time !!!