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Adding a footer bar to List Layout from Fiori Smart Template

Oct 24, 2017 at 10:09 AM


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I am trying to add a footer bar to the List Report from Fiori Smart Template.

I wanted to know if there is some documentation for all the available viewExtensions for ListReport like the ones for smart filter bar, table columns and cells. For eg :

"sap.ui.viewExtensions": {
"sap.suite.ui.generic.template.ListReport.view.ListReport": {
"SmartFilterBarControlConfigurationExtension|C_Abc": {
"className": "sap.ui.core.Fragment",
"fragmentName": "abc.ext.fragment.CustomFilter",
"type": "XML"
"ResponsiveTableColumnsExtension|C_Abc": {
"className": "sap.ui.core.Fragment",
"fragmentName": "abc.ext.fragment.ListReportResponsiveTableColumns",
"type": "XML"
"ResponsiveTableCellsExtension|C_Abc": {
"className": "sap.ui.core.Fragment",
"fragmentName": "abc.ext.fragment.ListReportResponsiveTableCells",
"type": "XML"

I just wanted to confirm the available options with the smart template before adding a custom control for the bar.


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1 Answer

Ananthanarayanan P
Jan 19 at 11:49 AM

Hi ,

Yes it is possible to create a footer with a button.

All you need to do :

1. Web IDE . Select the project and create a new extension project.

2. Select the list report application and next and select the action and enter the page and label.

3. After clicking finish then you can check the manifest.json will update the code you need to another property called determining: true as shown as below :

4. Save and execute you will find the footer with the button added in your List report

For more options related to extending columns in Listreport or in object page or extending some more controls in template

you can follow these blogs :

For adding new custom column

Replace Facet with custom control



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