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Base price and few other condition types do not get copied from delivery to Invoice

Oct 24, 2017 at 09:59 AM


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Hi all,

Please address this issue:
I have 6 item condition types in pricing procedure:
YCBR - condition class (B); calc type (C); condition category (H)
XAMC - condition class (A); calc type (E - Net weight)
XAWP - condition class (A); calc type (A - %)
XC00 - condition class (B); calc type (C - Qty)
PB00 - condition class (B); calc type (C); condition category (H)
ZTCI - condition class (A); calc type (G - Formula)

It is BOM material. All these condition types do not get determined from VK11 rather some custom tables. In sales orders all of these condition types get determined but in invoice (wrt delivery), none of the condition types get copied except YCBR.

1. Copy controls are set between delivery and invoice with pricing type D (Copy pricing elements unchanged)
2. Pricing procedure is getting determined in invoice correctly.

I will attach the images of sales order and invoices in the next comment

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Below are the pricing images BOM item wise


We can not attach more than two images in one comment. Attaching the 3rd sales order in the next comment.

main-item.png (30.8 kB)
sub-item-1.png (27.7 kB)

Attaching 2nd sub item pricing image

sub-item-2.png (30.3 kB)

Now you can see the images from invoice
invoice-main-item.png (in this main item, YCBR and XC00 do not apply)
invoice-sub-item-1.png (this is sub item, so only XC00 is applicable here)


Attaching 2nd sub item pricing image, which is getting copied correctly.


Kindly check this and help me


Dear Lakshmipathi/Veselina,

Do we have an answer for this?

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1 Answer

G Lakshmipathi
Oct 25, 2017 at 08:35 AM

Did you compare the Analysis screen for the one where the value is flowing with the one where it is missing ?

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Attaching the screen shot of analysis (sales order)


In sales order, for main item, although analysis says (XAMC/XAWP 207 Condition has been found (without condition record)), value is getting determined from some custome table. It is the same image I see in analysis for main item while creating invoice (wrt delivery)


Dear Lakshmipathi/Veselina,

Just to test, I added the standard condition type PR00 in this pricing procedure, only this condition type is getting copied to invoice from SO. Could I have any update please?