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Dec 14, 2007 at 08:19 AM

please give me ans for ABAP and SAP_XI questions


1. landscape of the project.

2. who assign the work and ur team size and in which format.

3. what sxmb_cache will do

4. how soap adapter data will be stored.

5. wher u will configure adapters.

6. where u will check the msgs.

7. how u will do the performance testing.

8. where xml data is converted.

9. what u will do in sender agg

10. where the date is executed in xi.

11. what are the drawbacks of file adapter.

12. where u can monitor the adapter.

13. what is xi on which stack it will work.

14. what u will do in collobration profile.

15. idoc and http resides on which stack.

16. int server and int builder resieds on which stack

17. co-relation in xi.

18. where do u do security settings in xi.

19. what is abs interface.

20. what is adapter frame work.

21. what is qos

22. what is xsd, wsdl, and dtd. flat file to r/3 scenario the material id is madatory in r/3 . how to check whether the flat file always containing the filed value.

24. have u used java mapping to map single mapping or whole MSG mapping

25. types of mapping peroformed in ur project,

26. what r the common fields used in po