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Strange behaviour from WF

Oct 23, 2017 at 02:52 PM


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I have a PO WF, which triggers for a particular ReleaseGroup.

Agents for the ReleaseStrategy is not maintained in SPRO/ReleaseStrategy, but in a custom table.

After it triggers the WF, there is a step which picks Agents from this custom table and next step sends workitem to that Agent.

In one case, the PO is from the correct Release Group, but there is no Agent for this (unfortunate reasons) in the table, but still it sent workitem to a user.

I couldnt find any workitem being forwarded, nor I saw any change logs in PO.

I need hints on what all cases could have lead this to happen.



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3 Answers

Susan Keohan
Oct 24, 2017 at 10:21 AM

If you can't find any legitimate agents for a task, most people have the workflow abend, so that we can catch those types of errors.

Did your workflow task go to one particular agent, or to many agents? Is it possible that the task is classified as 'General' and when no agents were found, it was sent to all possible agents?

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Hi Susan,

thanks for the reply. Well yes, I expected a wf abend, but didnt. I saw it sending workitem to just one user, as I also thought if it would have been 'general' others should have received if no-agents were found.

need to check change logs of the custom table to see if anyone deleted the agent after the wf was sent to that agent.

a rare possibility, but have to find the root cause :)


Aditya V



can you let us know how agent determination is done in the workflow.

I assume you were using a workflow rule with function module in which you were passing the data from custom table.

There may be possibility of logic added from function module to send work item to one user if no agent found.




Hi Gautam,

agent determination is from method, which I pass to task and bind it to WF container. Strangely the container has no agent determined, thats why I am surprised because the next step shows that workitem is assigned to an agent. I feel some thing happened at process level where it might have found a agent and later it got deleted from the table records.

However still trying to find the cause.

Aditya V


I see 2 possibilities here.

1. Since the work item didn't go to any approver's inbox, someone might have manually forwarded it to that user using SWI1 transaction.

2. If the task is defined as general then it might have gone to all possible approvers and one user might have reserved it.

I could only guess these 2 options without seeing the workflow log.

Anjan Paul Nov 02, 2017 at 10:05 AM

Hi ,

In addition to Susan, please check the customer exit EXIT_SAPLEBNF_005 is implemented or not .


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Mike Pokraka Nov 02, 2017 at 09:15 AM

If your agents list is empty, the WF will send the task to all possible agents. First one to pick it up owns it, and I would guess that's how your user was determined.

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