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Dec 13, 2007 at 05:49 PM

Hierarchy Variables in BI 7.0


We have recently performed a technical upgrade in our sandbox from BW 3.5 to BI 7.0. We only use BEx for reporting and are planning to stay within the BW3.5 reporting format until we can plan a migration of our workbooks and queries. We did not find any major issues with this plan thus far. However, we do have a minor issue with the text elements that are no longer displayed in BEx. We have several queries that are using hierarchy variables to restrict the data being displayed on those workbooks. In the past we displayed the text of the hierarchy variable that was selected upon execution of the query so the users would know what selections they made for the workbook that was being used. BI 7.0 does not show the text for the hierarchy variable. This is a problem for us because it is not possible to hard code the hiearchy into the query due to the business requirements for these workbooks.

Has anyone else experienced text elements that were missing from their workbooks in BEx? If so, have you managed to find a way to display them again. I have submitted a customer message to SAP on this topic and was told that this is a dynamic filter and the text elements for those kinds of variables do not appear in BI7.0.

Thank you.