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EWM - How to split an outbound delivery position?

Oct 23, 2017 at 09:59 AM


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we have a scenario where an outbound delivery contains a position with a qty of 12.

10 pieces is a carton, rest is item pick.

Now I want to split that position without having created tasks, just 2 positions, maybe with different position or process types to enable later one the task creation to go a separate way....

How to do this (in /SCWM/PRDO)



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2 Answers

Juergen Pitz
Oct 23, 2017 at 02:22 PM

Hi Michael,

first of all this is based on that you use the strategy "Stock Removal Suggestion According to Quantity" with its required settings ( To see this already in the warehouse request, would require that you set the flag "Rough Bin Determination" in the warehouse process type used in the outbound delivery order. This will not split your position (actually you do not want that, because that would mean that also your position in ERP is split), but create two entries in the "picking bin data" tab on item level).



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Michael Fallenbüchel Oct 25, 2017 at 07:02 AM

Hi Jürgen,

first - thanks a lot for your feedback. Have done some checks regarding your suggestion, at the end this would mean we need packspec, right?



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Packspec or AUoM. But how would you otherwise know that 10 pieces is a carton?




My problem is - we have full pallets, partial pallets, cartons, master cartons, layers, in some case only 2 levels, in the other case 4 layers, some materials are only available in case pick and full pallet pick, next one only item pick and full, then mixture of item/case/full...

At the moment we have an own coded outbound strategy, sort all stock up/down by qty on HU level, ...

Now we have the item pick area (this is new), and we need to calculate cartons before picking. So we need planned HUs, link to material code and later own create trolleys for item pick with this cartons.

I try to separate a bit, first link outbound to correct area ( split ?), then based an that calculate my cartons (small/middle/large), after that create tasks to that cartons, and then create trolleys with these cartons...

Any ideas to built this?



Are you asking about where to pick or how to pick?

If you want to pick goods from different activity areas, then you need quantity classification(as Juergen Pitz said). To determine this, either packspec or UoM must be used. If you have custom logic, then you might use BadI: /SCWM/EX_CORE_RMS_QCLA_STR .

If you want to determine how many planned HU's needed, then this must be customized on WHO creation rule. See : Define Packing Profile for Warehouse Order Creation

Best regards