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Dec 13, 2007 at 03:51 PM

Problems with doc type status config - AUDIT1, CHECKIN-REQ, CHECKIN_FLAG


Hello experts,

I have a problem with some doc type status config. We are on 4.7ext1.10 with latest support stack. Using R/3 t-codes with KPro and Content Server. The functionality does not seem to be working with doc type status config flags:

content version (field audit1) -- when storing various original files and changing/saving statuses, a new content version is not created. I've tried many combinations of status flags using locked/unlocked, released/not released, etc. and moving between these various statuses.

storage in secure area necessary (checkin_req) -- even though files are not stored in storage category of a storage system it allows the setting of the status. Again I've tried many various combinations of statuses and flags, and moving between them.

originals automatically checked in -- (checkin_flag) -- when saving the status, the original files are not automatically checked in. I've tried with/without a profile. Ditto here for trying different scenarios.

Please help,