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Dec 13, 2007 at 02:51 PM

ODS delta issue problem with recordmode.


Hi experts,

i am doing delta load from ODS1 to ODS2 i have a doubt and a problem instead of sending only one record to my target the ODS1 is sending two records

one with recordmode N and other with ''

but the second one is with space which doesn't have any values except the key combination.

so just clarifying my concept:--

1. like the delta load will be taken from changelog table, will this move the records sorted according to the ODS1 key combination or else as per the ODS2 which is the targets combination.

2. As per my knowledge ODS is the delta type when do delta from ODS then it will only bring ABR images.

for example

First load




so the active table will contain this record as it is.

and the change log will contain

R10----10 ---N(recordmode)

R20-- 25 --N(Recordmode)

If i do a delta load to second ODS2 from ODS1 both the records from the above change log will move to New table of the ODS2 am i right.

Second load with changes to ODS1


Active table will contain



Change log table of ODS1

R10----10 ---N(recordmode)

R10----10 ---X(recordmode)

R10-- 15 --''(recordmode)

R20-- 25 --N(Recordmode)

so when i am doing a second load will the changelog send all records to the next target or else only this record

R10-- 15 --''(recordmode)



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