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Dec 13, 2007 at 12:04 PM



Hi All,

For billing there is a smartform which is showing the header text properly on the output but is not showing the item text.

Now, while debugging i found that a Func. Module "READ_TEXT" has been used for displaying the header text and also for item text.

But while debugging when i went inside this Func Module i saw there is a select query on a table STXH.

For header text a single record is fetched and the value of sy-subrc is 0.

But for item text no record is fetched(bcoz the condition in the select clause fails) and the sy-subrc value is 4.

i think this is the reason why item texts are not appearing at the output.

Now my question is how does this table STXH gets filled up and what is the solution of this problem

Thanks in advance