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Dec 13, 2007 at 10:16 AM

Hi Few Doubts to be Clarified !


Hi Friends i have few doubts to be cleared theriotically!


<b>1) What are XI Components ?</b>

Answer : SLD / IB / IS / AE / RWB ( Is it right ? )

Well if s then if i have given an option of IB and IR to select which one to Select,We know IR is part of IB.Same kind of option IE and IS.We know IE is part of IS.

<b>2) What doesnot get transported when Configuration is released ?</b>

a) All Objects gets transported.

b) Generated proxies / Coding of App Componet donot get transported

c) Only App Coding doesnot get transported

d) Only Generated Proxies doesnot get trnasported.

I guess itz generated proxies donot get transported, i read in a blog for BPM this happens plz justifiy.

<b>3) First Step in Integration Process ?</b>

a) Receive Step b) Fork c)Block d)Loop

Ans: I read that Receive Step Triggers the process and itz the first step,also read that Receive step could be after steps Fork / Block / Loop.Considering this What could be the answer is it (Receive Step) or Receive step / Fork / Block / loop.

<b>4) IDOC Adapter Sender type to XI IDOC not received</b>

a) Metedata in XI was copied / Generated from Sender IDOC is corrupted

b) Dest System from XI to Sender Sys is not Defined Correctly.

c) Dest Syst from Sender Sys to XI is not Cong Correctly.

Ans : a and b ( Correct me).

<b>5) Which of below statements about mapping is true ?</b>

a) Can use one mapping at a time.

b) You can use ABAP/JAVA mapping.

c) You can use any mapping in any Sequence any no of times

d) Diff Mapping cannot be used Together.

Ans: c : I read in a blog that any number of mapping can be used btw Source and Target Interface.Is there any restrictions to the above options mentioned?

<b>6) AE is installed de-centrally for</b>

a) To install PCK

b) Monitor Message De-centrally

c) Share load with central adapter Eng and increase performance.

Ans: a) bcz PCK is based on AE and installed in partner place c) Moreover it can share the load though monitoring is done centrally. Am i right ??

<b>7) Objects used in BPM ?


a) Receiver Determination b) Interface Mapping c)Message Mapping d)Context Object

Ans : a) RD : for Receiver Determination Step in BPM Graphical Editor b)IM for Transformation Step for Message transformation as per MM mentioned.

MyDoubt : Do we use MM i guess that is mentioned in the IM... right?

Then Context object is used in Correlation So it also object used in BPM

So ans is : a b d ( Right??? )

<b>8) Sender File Adapter Scenario what need to be configured ?</b>

a) Sender CC b) File Protcol c) Sender Agreement

Ans: I am clear to say that a & c is correct.We need not say File protocol as it is part of Sender CC configuration ...right ???


9)Advantage of De-central Adapter Eng ?</b>

a)Easy for maintance b)To log message seperatley c) Adv if diff protocol is used.

Ans : a right ?? if not y ?

<b>10) To receive Multiple Messg in Conatiner Element ?</b>

a) Abst Interface with Multiline Checkbox b) Multiloop

Ans a.

<b>11) XI Pipeline means ?</b>

a) Routing--> Mapping --> Channel Determination b) Queue the Mssg c) Send Mssg Through Pipe.

Ans : a

<b>12) If a String First Element / Middle / Last given and need to be concat then ?</b>

a) No Std function is avlb so need to make a Cust Function

b) There is a Std function "SplitByValue"

c)Function "CopyByValue" can be used

d) Concat can be used

Ans: a . Moreover the UDF mentioned is local to the particular MM

Or is UDF is visble across Namespace / or acc to any MM in a SWCV

OR can be copied to other mapping ans used ? correct which is correct

<b>Thank all for u r reply in advc<u></u></b>