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Dec 13, 2007 at 09:07 AM

Default Billing date for cancellation of F2 invoice



I am trying to default the billing date to the system date in the cancellation document, but it is not working. Can someone give me advice with my customize settings? My invoice is F2 and my cancellation is S1 (ECC 6.0)

In Billing copy control (VTFF), billing ->billing, I go to the settings for F2 -> S1.

At the header screen, copying requirements and other values are blank. Do I need to maintain any values here?

At the item screen for my item (TAN), copying reqs is set to 005 (Cancellation Header), Data VBRK/VBRP is set to 011 (Bill date = today).

If anyone can give me advice on my settings, it would be greatly appreciated