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Problem using WSDL in Message mapping of HCI

I have been given some WSDLs and XSDs related to each other. The structure looks like this:

1. "Main WSDL" which needs to be used in the mapping. This refers to "WSDL1" and also "XSD0", "XSD1", "XSD2", "XSD3", "XSD4"

2. "WSDL1" refers to "WSDL0" and "XSD0"

3. "WSDL0" refers to "XSD0" and "XSD1"

4. "XSD2" refers to "XSD3"

5. "XSD3" refers to "XSD4".

I copied all the files to src.main.resources.wsdl folder in Eclipse and have replaced all external references with just the file names like "WSDL1.wsdl" / "xsd1.xsd" etc.,

Main WSDL validation gives no errors in Eclipse. But, when I try to add it in the mapping, I get this error:

I noticed that in the Main WSDL , the <wsdl:types> only has import statements:

It works perfectly when I import it into SOAPUI. But It doesn't work in HCI. But when I add these statements within <xsd:schema> and </xsd:schema> then it works fine in HCI:

Is this a specific issue with SAP, since the WSDL with only import statements within <wsdl:types>, works with SOAP UI but not in HCI? Or do you think the WSDL is faulty?

Thanks in advance,


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  • To simplify my question,

    If we want to use a WSDL in a mapping, is it mandatory to have <element> <complexType> statements inside <wsdl:types>?

    Will it not work with just the <xsd:import> statements?



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