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Dec 13, 2007 at 08:17 AM

Problem in processing Workflow WS13100008



I am trying to execute WS13100008.

I have done the following customizations ::

1). Generated appropriate Action Profile and attached WS13100008 Workflow to it.

2). Checked assigned users, activations, binding conditions for WS13100008 in SWDD.

Now the problem ::

When I'm trying to execute Lead Trnx. , with status 'Distributed to Sales Partner', WS13100008 throws error ( Red indicator - in Actions tab ; log states that some mandatory container elements are not filled properly)

When I try to see the container elements using GUID of Lead Trnx. then i could see 'SalesPartnerEmployee' as <empty>. Investigating further, I found that there is no partner function by such name in the system. Also partner function 00000014 is missing in the system OR may be its there - but its NOT appearing in SPRO 'Define Partner Funciton' page.

Unless all the mandatory container elements are filled - Workflow wont trigger.

Question :: Do I need to make SalesPartnerEmployee as a new Partner Function or what ? What's the role of Partner Function 00000014 ?

Please let me know where am I going wrong.

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