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VOFM populate value from condition type header to item level

Oct 21, 2017 at 06:53 AM


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Hello SCN community,

I have one issue about creating logic routine in VOFM and hope you can help me out. Any help would be appreciated.

- Business Requirement: Set up an freight condition type ( marked header level ), this freight value will be calculated with customize logic base on total weight.

- Issue : Condition base value for that condition type was populated at header sale order ( amount field not be populated ) but at sale item the condition type not be divided for each one.

If i manually input value for that condition type, then value can populate to header and item in sale order.

- What i have done : Created an condition type ZABC( marked header and group condition type).

in VOFM, formula create 1 routine at condition base position and input the draf code like below for testing.

IF total weight > 0 .

XKWERT = 500.


There are some link said that change value in table XKOMV, i tried but not work

- My questions:

1) is the routine work for header condition type.

2) are there any user exit, customer can work for this case.

3) at header condition, condition base value is populated but the amount field not have value. Is that the reason?

Thanks in advance.


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It will be easier for forum members to try helping you if you include a screenshot of your condition type setup from V/06, a screenshot of your pricing procedure from V/08, example of document pricing where one can see the issue that you describe, a code sample of the complete code in the routine and what is the expected result of the calculation.


Sorry, i could not upload screenshot in the comment, please refer as answer below.



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2 Answers

John Vo Oct 22, 2017 at 02:55 AM

Hello Veselina,

Thanks for your comment. below are some screenshot, I think the configuration is fine because if manually input everything is fine.

highlight is freight condition type

highlight is freight condition type

xkwert is assigned will be affected on condition base. I expected the field amount also effect but not like that.

highlight is freight condition type, only condition base is assigned value at header condition, item condition no assign for both field ( i not screenshot here ) .

Thank in advance,


abcd.png (60.7 kB)
bcdef.png (158.9 kB)
ccc.png (38.3 kB)
rrrrr7.png (217.9 kB)
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John Vo Oct 23, 2017 at 06:35 AM


anyone here used to have request like that ?

Your comments and suggestions are welcome.



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Please let us know-what was the exact client requirement in prior-so the logic can be corrected by members..

Don't understood why we are trying XKWERT= 500 as a parameter?


Phanikumar Valiveti

Hi Valiveti,

Thanks for your comment. The issue is solve now, the functional guy did the mistake ( i did not know exactly the config )

now the value is populated to the item level.

The main requirement here just recalculate logic for field condition base value.

I use field XKWERT becuase this field using to update data to the condition base value.