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Is there a way to trigger the EC to ERP replication process other than the artifact scheduler?

In a hybrid system with EC and TM/PY in the on prem ERP system we need to move org changes to the ERP first and then replicate any EC employee data in the ERP system and have specific jobs in the ERP system that need to run a specific order and some should not run if the data has not been replicated in the correct sequence.

I have an org change in EC and it is sent to ERP and processed and that triggers some other jobs in ERP tied to the org objects. We can use the PAOC table entries to trigger jobs in ERP but when that sequence is done I want to make sure we run the EC to ERP replication for employee data before running the org cycle again and in sequence with some other ERP jobs.

Example- Org replication runs and picks up EC org unit, then position, then jobs data and the HCI job sends it to ERP, the replication processing jobs run and the data is updated and current, at this point is where I would like to use a trigger to run the EC to ERP EE replication job. This makes sure any EE data is now updated then we trigger some follow on jobs in ERP to update other data sets that are relevant to core business processes.

If we simply run the EC to EP EE replication on a timed basis there is a chance that it runs before the org replication is complete and then we may have some data issue in the ERP.

I hope this is not too confusing and that someone knows a way to do this. Key issue is we are using the delivered EC to ERP EE replication so i am not how or if i could create a triggering SOAP iflow to mimic a start element.

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  • We figured out a way to use a .net process that we control to deploy the integrations in HCI.

    This allows us to integrate the job stream and assures better data integrity;

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  • Nov 05, 2018 at 04:08 PM

    is it not possible just to schedule Org replication first and then Master data replication.

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