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Oct 14, 2016 at 06:35 PM

Timeout in asynchronous IDOC to SOAP scenario


Hello Experts,

We are having a Asynchronous Outbound IDOC to SOAP scenario . In few cases the source file is really huge and the processing will take more than 5 minutes on target side. Since this is asynchronous scenario and no response is sent back but HTTP 200 OK will be received. During the huge payload processing we are seeing Timeout error in PI

Error: Failed to call the endpoint: Error in call over HTTP: HTTP 0 null

SOAP: Call failed: Connection reset

I tried to increase the timeout in receiver SOAP channel by XMBWS parameter but this isn't working. The channel is getting timeout after 5 minutes only. It is not considering the time out value provided in the receiver channel. Since the target is receiving the payload and is only taking more time to process it we are seeing error in PI which I would like to avoid. Please suggest on how to avoid the timeout error or ignore the response from target .

Appreciate your help.

Thank you!!