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Dec 12, 2007 at 10:09 PM

Report to redetermine SNP Source of supply


We configured Planned Order integration model to show up R/3 planned orders as SNP Planned orders in APO. However when the planners on R/3 side intervene the orders in terms of some of the fields, it passes on to APO as a planned order without source of supply. This is due to the design, the PPM information is manually maintained in APO and is out of sync with the information in R/3 side. The system thus chooses to keep a blank source of supply for the orders rather than redetermining the source of supply in APO. From some of my recollections, I understand that there are ways to run a report in APO that redetermines source of supply for planned orders with blank source. Can someone pass on this report information to me ? (We do not want to run user exits/BADIs to do this determination, and rather would prefer a standard report)