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Former Member
Dec 12, 2007 at 04:27 PM

cProjects - Partition for two or more groups on the same system



Our business requirement for cProjects implementation is such that we have two groups (two companies infact) under an umbrella brand. We have already impemeneted cProjects for one of them. It's time now to have this implemented for the other group.

How can we ascertain that there's a partition in the system by which one group is completely independent of the other? One group should not see the projects/data of the other group and vice versa. Authorizations to projects helps but in a system, a user can fetch (in project search) the names of all projects in the system (irrespective of whether one has authorization). How can we take care of this?


We are looking for the ssytem where one group of cProjects users works in the system as if it were the only group working. We intend to ensure the same for the second group as well.

Please suggest.