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Dec 12, 2007 at 12:40 PM

How do I create an object (Installation Fact) using a FM?


Hello all,

Is it possible to create an object (An Installation Fact to be more precise) using FM ISU_S_INSTLN_CHANGE ?

The x_auto structure is populated as follows :

x_auto~ factsfacts_autoiquant~operand : the new operand

x_auto~ factsfacts_autoiquant~season : blank

x_auto~ factsfacts_autoiquant~auto_use : blank

x_auto~ factsfacts_autoiquant~auto_insert : checked (i.e. X)

x_auto~ factsfacts_autoiquant~auto_merge : blank

The structure x_auto~ factsfacts_autoiquant~ivalue is populated as usual.

“Ok Codes” are correctly filled in : X and SAVE.

Nothing happens after the run? Any idea please ?

Your help is much appreciated.

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Goharjou ardavan