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Dec 12, 2007 at 11:30 AM

Frieght Charges


hai SAP Gurus,

There is a scenario that US client maintaining SAP R/3, and They have there Warehouse Geographically Located in Mexico which is a 3rd party and not maintaining SAP R/3, Now in Mexico Warehouse a clerk was sitting to take the Freight Charges for the Goods Delivered which is variable not constant and the same should be reflected in the sales process of US location which they maintain SAP R/3.And also from US location the invoice with serial punch no should be generated and should be revert it back in Mexico Warehouse so that the clerk can give it to the customer at the time of dispatch of goods.

How can we achieve it?


1: The clerk in warehouse has not given any authorization to logon into US SAP system.


1: As Mexico Warehouse is not maintaining SAP, let us assume that it was maintaining some other Non SAP system.


Srinivasa Anil Kumar