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How to make Overall Status = C in Sales Order.

Hello Experts,

Can one of you advise any idea for following requirement about how to make overall status(VBUK-GBSTK) of Sales Order to C.


My client belongs to a construction industry and therefore adopting construction progress standards. So the sales is counted in PS module(not in SD) and the billing is done as down payment(noted item) so far.

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Now, new requirement to archive the data is arose and therfore I need to make the SO overall status to Completed. However I have a difficulty in finding way to make it C as above billing way. I think kind of normal billing is needed for the requirement. If anyone have any idea or question for this, please tell me.

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    My question is updated. Any response by October 25th will be highly appriciated.

    My problem is about how to balance the down payment at the last billing timing.

    Project that I belongs to adopts construction progress standards so that every billings are done with milestone down payment.

    For example, the billing is done in below way if the total contract amount is 100,000 $.

    1st billing(May 2nd) 50,000$

    2nd billing(July 2nd) 40,000$

    3rd billing(Oct 2nd) 10,000$ β†β˜†

    I need to redeem the all down payment amount at the last billing timing(β˜†in above example) and also make the last billing to be what is called final billing to make a sale(100,000 $).

    It is suggested that the last billing contatins two items. One is the final billing(100,000$ sales) and the other is the redemption of total down payment.

    However, the way to include the down payment redemption in the final billing has not been found and that is my question now.

    Please tell me any advice you have.

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3 Answers

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    Oct 19, 2017 at 04:00 PM

    Very similar questions have been asked many times before, please search in Google.

    In a nutshell, the statuses can't be simply manipulated. Statuses are updated when a transaction is performed in SAP. E.g. you create a delivery and delivery status gets updated. Created an invoice and billing status is updated etc. You don't "update status", you perform a transaction that, in turn, updates the status.

    In the cases when incorrect statuses were caused by, say, changes in configuration or some DB inconsistencies, SAP provides reports to update the status directly. (Use Google and SAP Note search to find more details.)

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    • Former Member

      Thank you for your comment, Jelena!
      I was thinking that I need to perform some transaction to update the status but I could not find the way so far.
      So I asked about the information in this community.

      Anyway, thanks for telling me the information.I will continue searching in Google.

  • Oct 20, 2017 at 11:47 AM

    Whenever you add any additional informations to your original query, please ensure that the same is added under "Comments" and not under "Answer", as you were not answering.

    Now coming to your query on billing, the information provided is not enough to understand what exactly your problem is. By the way, did you check the detailed analysis log from the condition tab screen ?

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      Thanks for your comment Lakshmipathi and I apologize for my mistake in the commenting rule.

      I added my new question to the original question.

      If you have any idea, please tell me.Any ideas will be appriciated.

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    Oct 20, 2017 at 11:11 AM

    Searching in Google and asking my collegues, I succeeded to make SO overall status = C.

    However, I am stucked in new problem in the billing document I created.

    The billing document contains only down payment settlement item and contract amount(condition type = Y001) cannot be entered.

    (YY01 is a billing document type I created as a normal billing.)

    In fact, the billed contract amount of SO seems to remain 0.

    Perhaps my customizing or an operation contains some problems and mistakes but I have no idea...

    If anyone have any idea or suggestions, wil you kindly tell me.

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    • This question is not related to the first.

      You might want to start by searching for documentation on how to implement the downpayment scenario, then analyze your configuration to make sure it's correct. Most likely you also have access to a test system where you could run some tests to see how the statuses are updated. And you can search in SAP notes and even use "schedule an expert" on SAP Support Portal.

      After you've tried all that and still have a specific difficulty, please close this thread and post a new question with the appropriate title.