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Former Member
Dec 12, 2007 at 07:31 AM

help to sum all the common fields


I have a report which needs to sum all the values of KONV-KBETR where KONV-kinak NE 'A'.

How do i write the code.

Can anyone help me in wrting the code..

This value i have to finally display in my internal table as one value.

i tried out with like this

LOOP AT it_konv INTO wa_konv WHERE knumv = wa_vbrk-knumv AND

kposn = wa_vbrp-posnr AND

kschl = wa_ztsd120_n-zlow

AND kinak NE 'A'.

l_kwert = wa_konv-kwert + l_kwert.( where DATA l_kwert LIKE wa_konv-kwert)


wa_konv-kwert = l_kwert.

but its not working..