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Planned delivery time issue in APO

In one of the scenarios in APO, for external procurement F , For a Product we have PDT=5, GI=1 and Transportation Time =2.

The GI and GR calendar are maintained. No opening period(PPDS) maintained and also no production calendar at destination maintained (basically intercompany Stock transfer scenario from Mother DC to Local DC)

There is no production calendar and no transportation lane calendar. The STR that are being created for example for a requirement (SO) Monday for ie 16 november (today) with opening date other Wednesday (the reason is that when system does forward scheduling because of PDT=5) it ends on weekend(because of a sap note) and does a further forward scheduling to have delivery date next Monday 23rd and when it does backward calculation of Delivery- PDT it gives opening date as 18th.

On Tuesday again, the same thing.

On Wednesday, when it does forward scheduling, it gives delivery date of 23rd and backward calculation also get sync. So delivery date - PDT gives correct opening date.

We also tried changing PDT=GI+TT but that again fails on Wednesday (fwd scheduling ends on Saturday move to Monday and backward gives opening date of Friday.

What is SAP recommended solution to this problem? The business will not make PDT in Location Product Master equals to "0"

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3 Answers

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    Oct 20, 2017 at 07:39 AM

    Hi, It looks system behaves as designed. Not sure what you're asking for. If you set any calendar, there will be such issue ...

    Please also check note 1045636.

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    Oct 24, 2017 at 12:06 PM

    Ada, how to align the calendars. this is the question.

    ECC PDT is always Calendar days,

    APO we multiple the activites with 1.4, for example (GI+TT) to 1.4 and get the PDT which is equal to ECC PDT.

    Now the problem is that opening date is late and SO gets delayed as STR donot get converted into STO in time.

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  • Nov 23, 2017 at 05:35 AM


    I'm confused about your request, by mentioning opening date, as it is not something calculated by SNP planning.
    SNP planning focused on requirement date, from which backward scheduling is carried out to calculate start date, then from this start date, forward scheduling is carried out, to calculate the final available date of the receipt. It tries not to delay the available date of the order than the requirement ... there's never a backward scheduling after forward scheduling ... So not sure which date are you looking at, and at source location or target location.

    Do you get late receipt at target location?

    Best Regards,

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