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error in Outsourced Manufacturing

Oct 22, 2017 at 09:56 AM


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Hi All

We created Subcontracting PO and sent components to vendor and we activated Business function LOG_MM_OM_1 and LOG_MM_OM_2 and set RT in info record.

We want use Real-Time Consumption of Components according this scenario when we do Goods isuue against PO with MVT 543-O in MIGO transaction system take error:

Check table XEKPO: entry 00000 0000 does not exist

Message No. M7001


In table XEKPO the entry 00000 0000 is missing.


Make sure your entries are correct.

If table has not been maintained correctly, please inform your systems administrator

Please guide me how can solve it? Or how can do goods issue with 543-0 before goods receipt subcontracting PO?



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Have you already tried to search OSS notes?

If yes, then tell us all the OSS notes that you have already tried.

If no, then try the same and let us know. Just try with keyword 'M7001 XEKPO'.


Hi Dibyendu

thanks for your respone but i didn't find any OSS notes




How did you search ? Can I have some screenshots for your search results?

I have just tried and found 12 related OSS notes

init-shot.jpg (76.6 kB)

Dear Dibyendu

yes i saw some note like 186035,499071,384326,874264,1645730 but none of them not related to Goods issue against PO subcontracting in MIGO Thanks for helping us.

Best regards



How did you search ? Can I see your selection criteria and search results ?


what search term did you use? and where did you search?

I can actually find 2 when searching with the full message text, even 24 when just using "Check table XEKPO"


I can only guess OP was searching for SAP Notes in Google and obviously that doesn't work that way...

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