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SAP.OVP library controls

Oct 22, 2017 at 07:18 AM


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Hi everyone,
I need to understand how sap overview page works. I check several tutorials but the main point if creating OVP is coming through SAP WEB IDE. My first question is, can we create that one by using eclipse ? I mean is there a specific controls that i can use from sapui5 explored ? That is the main point that i didin't get.

Here is the sample application from sap web ide; looks cool.

lets check it via chrome->developer tools;

as you we can see there is a ovp library for including cards, graphs, linkliks etc. Is there a way to access them or it is just a bunch of sapui5 controls designed for ovp view ?

I have NW 7.5 installed and i can see it on the library list;

but on API section, there is a link to access it but it is empty.

So how can i acces that cards, linklist etc? Are they just a combination of quickview card, list view, viz charts or there are specific controls that we can use for ovp ? I want to build my own custom sap OVP without using WEBIDE just with eclipse ( or webstorm ) and JSON data.

Is that possible ?

ovp.png (538.1 kB)
debug.png (91.7 kB)
ovp-small.png (350.9 kB)
api.png (220.1 kB)
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1 Answer

Arjun Biswas Oct 23, 2017 at 09:10 AM

You can create an OVP application in Eclipse, it is just that, SAP WEBIDE provides some built in plugins to create an OVP page, so it is a much easier process. You can create an OVP basic template application in WEBIDE and then import that to your Eclipse, make some changes and run it from there.


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