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Dec 11, 2007 at 09:36 PM

unable to set the network configuration after error no startprofiles found.



Got the NW4 test drive set up/installed on suse linux 10.2.when i logged in and try to start the system (i use 'start nw4host') i get the error 'no start profiles found'.i understood that network interface had to be set up and this is where am confused and lost.

1. In /etc/sysconfig/network there was no ifcfg-eth file bt default in first place only a ifcfg-inet:0 file.

2.ifconfig -a does not give me my mac address in linux

since mine is a dual boot system found my mac address from XP and created the ifcfg-eth-id-<mac adress> file and changed the DEVICE to eth0:0 instead of inet:0 as in the previous file(ifcfg-inet-0 file).

3.other parameters in the ifcfg file are fine(onboot, IP, etc...)

4. /etc/hosts has nw4host and same was in old ifcfg-inet-0 file and the new file i created(ifcfg-eth-id-<mac adress>) nw4host is present thrice in /etc/host file one below the other and also three sets of same values in ifcfg-inet and ifcfg-eth-id-<mac>? dont know why and if this is the problem.

finally did a 'rsnetwork restart' after changes and still getting some interfaces failed in the output and nw4host is still not pingable.

any ideas suggestions of whats wrong and how it can be set right ? its been quite some time after install and i would love to get my testdrive going.