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Dec 11, 2007 at 08:11 PM

Communication structures


Hey folks,

I do have some basic doubts on Pricing & Pricing communication structure. These may sound really stupid to some.. But, please ..Please reply if you know the will help me a lot...

1. What is a Communication Structure??

Lets say - Pricing Communication Structure - KOMP / KOMK.. - I know KOMK is a header Pricing Communication Structure & KOMP for item...

But, precisely what it is the communication structure doing ??

2. If KOMP is for Item; KOMK - for header. Then what is KOMG. What role does structure KOMG play?

3. If we KOMP / KOMK for item & header respectively - then what for are communication structures - KOMPAZ & KOMKAZ

4. What is the difference between KOMK & XKOMK or KOMP & XKOMP..

I mean I really don't know why I see xKOMP in some condition routines..

5. What is XKWERT & KWERT ??

Any documentation on this will be really helpful to me.