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Dec 11, 2007 at 07:27 PM

Infoset Creation in BI 7.0 with 2cubes , 1 DSO and a Master Data oBjects


Hi Experts,

I have a requirement:

To get the Work Order Activity from PM, and their corresponding Work Order numbers, Cost Centers and the Amounts associated from CO module like CCA and WBS6 datasources.

I thought about this solution:

Link the 0PM_C03 with the MD- 0PM_ORDER as a left outer join

and inner join 0PM_C03 with ZTXN_O01 - DSO(based on 0CCA9DSO) and Innerjoin to the ZWBS_C20 .

Is it ok to include 2 infocubes ,1 DSO and 1 MD object in an Infoset. Performance may be worst.. but i cannot think of any other solution.........

Multiprovider does not solve my purpose as it gives 2 records when you identify Work Order number in PM and CO modules. By using an Infoset we can link WO in PM to WO in CO.

Please guide me.....